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How the glory fades with time… for nearly two centuries Spanish Infantry was the undisputed ruler of the European battlefields… not that many remember that at all mind…

Economical ruin, lack of manpower, corruption… you name it… the conclusion of all Empires…

Excellent pic nonetheless.


Spanish Tercio (maybe by F. Thau but not sure) it lacks the arquebusiers on front and flanks but that would be asking too much I guess…

Visiting an Exposition

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A forgotten pic on the vault… I also forgot who was the gentleman who took the pic… but you get the idea… there are still places where the hobby is taken seriously and they dedicate space and cabinets to show beautiful collections… so… not all is lost!


The chap who posted this in Facebook had a lovely day at a museum of Toy Soldiers

Francesco Thau’s Own 28mm

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I am a huge fan of what Francesco does with 28mm Perry’s… unsurpassed IMHO… those mini dioramas are full of action and tasteful display (and some are standard figures or minis!)… mindblowing standard of painting if you ask me… not my favourite scale anymore… but dear me!… he tempts me everytime I see his works.


ABU KLEA using Perry’s

Making order and change.

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It was a necessity… specially for the small cabinet… the “TOKIO Tube look” is gone… so are The French Foreign Legion and the late British Empire (Kakhi)… gone to my old office to play A GENTLEMAN’S WAR with them…

So there you have it, the part of the collcetion in action stances is gone back to wargaming in Andorra la Vella… and the “ceremonial part” stays in Pal.

About time if you understand me. Yesterday afternoon it was a lot of work putting the Toy Soldiers in boxes to be moved and reorganizing the display on the small cabinet… the whole of six shelves was “gone”… but the result is satisfactory… I was already told once in Facebook that my figures needed space to “breathe”… alea jacta est.


The French Foreign Legion and supports… are gone to another cabinet in my office.
So did the Kakhi British in Afghanistan… 6 shelves emptied in total…
This is the new look…You could do with some close ups but you got the idea alright!
There it is… door closed and all tip top.
The “big” cabinet slightly thinned down in numbers…
There you have it… closed down and “up to the nines”…

John Firth’s Delhi Durbar…

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See complete series of pics (including Kipling) in Facebook group mytoysoldiersandme … awesome dispaly and collecting!

See Kipling (bespectacled)
Fantastic collection well displayed in a minimum of space…
Another detail
And yet another one…
No words…
Probably one of the longest series of pics on any of my posts… well deserved…

Old one’s

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I guess they must be MIGNOT… but not a 100% sure about it!

Starting to work on a list for REPLICA and. IMPERIAL/DORSET (yes at the same time)… finally decided to adapt my 54mm “action” Toy Soldiers to AGW units… not much fuss at all… but 12 is the magic number for Infantry units! Thankfully Cavalry and Artillery are already OK. I will slightly tweak a bit the rules because I am like that… and the set encourages to do so.

Alan Green’s Own

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This is a magnificent example of what a collection of Toy Soldiers is, pics by the owner on Facebook (look for the group mytoysoldiersandme). A clarification is needed, when I titled this web page MY TOY SOLDIERS AND ME the idea was to include under this umbrella all fans of collecting toy soldiers whatever the size, style or purpose, so the “MY” refers to “YOUR” figures not at all exclusively mine at all if you follow me. What is more, I usually abstain of repeating myself ad nauseam posting well known pics of my toy soldiers (even if I do from time to time to illustrate a point). So this is why you see wargaming minis in all scales, pure toy soldiers (vintage and “new”) and military modeling figures in many scales. Hope that makes it clear! Enjoy

By The Way… I am more of the school of black dot effect for the eyes of mine!… but the work in the eyes of the figures by Mr. Green is superbly detailed (a steady hand you need for that)

I love more this kind of painting “eyes”.
Also that one! but it is quite difficult!
Another example!
We love the same period…
And last but not least… more “exotic” units… excellent!

Some M.M. for a change…

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I have never been “into” the middle ages… but to say them provide inspiration for great modeling is an understatement. Have already explained elsewhere in this webpage why… so I will not repeat myself.

Progress on Paul Watson’s Gordon Highlanders continue… have not lost my hand thanks God, but to get the same colours as REPLICA uses is more complicated that I thought… well, I guess from a distance (No not a mile!) they would be alright.

Facebook seen… sorry I did not keep the author’s name… just fantastic painting job.