There they go… Lieutenants Chard and Bromhead “join” the 24th… at last on the pertinent shelve!

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I had my doubts for some days… but it is over.

IMPERIAL MINIATURES (Antony Spencer) new figures won heads down… so I replace the old one’s with the new one’s.

The bugler is by Tradition of London and I did paint it myself long ago.



The old R.P. World Models are going to be repainted just a bit!

Yes, I do mis manufacturers!
Now I will have to repaint or adapt the old RPWorldModels of Chard and Bromhead into something else…

My British Redcoats, Greenjackets and Bluecoats (sailors) from Tel-el Kebir (and other adventures).

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It is funny how I replicated my sold collection of 25MM MINIFIGS in 54MM with time.

As you know I went 6MM wargaming after a deep crisis about numbers&table space concerning 25/28MM… old news for the old reader of this posts.

Then Nostalgia struck and I bought (slowly but firmly) the minis I used to had because I missed them!… not even a childhood nostalgia… just the silly fact that I should not have had to sell them at all and simply kept them in cabinets… LOL

For those who need to know they are mainly RPWORLD MODELS; TRADITION OF LONDON; and General Wolseley is a damn fine REPLICA mini made to order by Andrew Stevenson.


I am not changing Queen for King!

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In my collection ERII will remain at the head of the Trooping of the Colour display… not that I do not have the Charles III mini too… but there you are I was born in 1952 and habits and frame die hard.

Surely Charles will do a lot of ceremonial but not so many as his mother I fear.

We collectors are like that. I think that I already did a Post about them but not going to check… today is my wife’s anniversary so… a good homage to the Queen of my heart.

Incidentally, Jack Duke from DUCAL did for me a lot of “specials” that are in this pic try to find them…


PS: On second thoughts maybe… just maybe… I will paint a King Charles III… he is from my generation after all…

British Artillery. Mountain Guns by TRADITION OF LONDON and other various makers (RPWorld Models and others).

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I am not a fan of Artillery, give me an Infantry Soldier or a Cavalry one any time… I do not know why but it is so… As an Infantryman myself I suppose I do not like to be a target of incoming Artillery fire… whatever… I do not have an extensive collection of models about that theme.

But of course you need them if a completist.


Above two sets of Mountain Batteries. Below Guns and Machine Guns.

A bit of Pomp and Circumstance. The Household Cavalry (DUCAL 54MM)

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There are parts of my Collection that do not move at all… they were completed to my satisfaction and that’s that.

BUT… if I started anew they would be the first one’s I will build… see what I mean?

The British Household Cavalry Life Guards and Blues&Royals is that special part of my voyage ineludible because I was always in awe of the magnificent pageantry and display.

So here you have them in all their splendid uniforms.



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Alan Harrison’s beautiful (and magnificent) Collection!

Those cabinets are very similar to mine but they include vintage Toy Soldiers by Lucotte and other niceties I can not afford… also is much more bigger a collection than mine… Congratulations!


More exotic!
Quite mixed subjects
Lots of Cavalry
And more…
Say WOW! if you please…

“MY” Royal West Kent Regiment.

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It sounds silly maybe, but I first bought a box of them in the old Tradition of London shop (no longer there I fear). And it expanded… and grow… and I even painted some casts myself… and asked for specials to Jack Duke (DUCAL) who obliged… and then he did the Colours… and the Band… and I did the Pioneers… and it took years to complete as it is now… and had lots of FUN doing it!

So here you have it (I did a Post showing a close up of the Band no long ago), A General’s Inspection of The Royal West Kent in 54mm (Three shelves in the small cabinet in Pal).


The full set (minus some “action” minis).