New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook posted by Lorenzo Centola) part II

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I once painted 4 minis in 20MM scale (AIRFIX) and was enraged by the fact the paint peeled off… must be a seventies trauma.

Charles Grant and Peter Young enjoyed the period… Charge! is a book fetish that uses them…

And still I can not push myself to it!


I still do not know the scale!
Love the pics!

New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook posted by Lorenzo Centola)

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I was always fascinated by the Uniforms of the Seven Years War… but… never got into it… do not ask me why… I do not really know. Have read the full History many times (considered the first world war in a way)… but Campaigns and Battles are not exciting me as per example those of the American Civil War (I never tire of the ACW) or Napoleon’s wars against many coalitions…

Those pics are truly very nice… I guess they are 28mm but could be mistaken… do not personally like the white on the eyes (but this is a personal mania)… fantastic flags!


British Line
French Advancing
Wearing redcoats was not a British exclusivity…yet

Rodney’s Diorama Gallery

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All right folks!… Here you have a more traditional approach to the ACW… Perry Miniatures in 28mm (Just for those tired of my 6mm ANTIETAM/SHARPSBURG battle… which is coming nicely to an historical conclusion).

Enjoy the bigger scale… I do too!


I will not be original today…

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Doing a clean-up of The Vault!

And what that means?

Lots of Napoleonic pics!

You must be at least divided in two categories those who love them and those indifferent to them (I do not think many loath them…)

So, nearly finished… not yet… but nearly

Myself?… in a hiatus with nagging doubts about the wise parameters of some ACW rules mechanisms… LOL… but plenty of time to experiment (I am a solo wargamer remember?… plenty of time…).

Also trying to buy a 6mm Nile Gunboat… not as easy as it seems… I got the money… I got the decision… got the place where the 3D files are and would sell to me… got the printer OK… but it seems I need permission of the author(?!?!?!) who has put it in the market in the first place… so all quite a confused affair… will keep you posted!

So, for the moment…


Cuirassiers (should have been in another post!) the one with artistic background
Lancers (Austrian)
Artillery (overdimensioned… lol)
Massed Cavalry

Your daily dose… of 28mm!

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I have no excuse… no ideas other than to post some nice pics!… you see… I am too busy by now with other projects and this is just to keep you entertained… even if it is a small proportion of you (the readers of this webpage) amused for a while…


Russian Napoleonic
Napoleonic Lancers
French Napoleonic Infantry
And to make your Sunday!… Bonaparte himself!

Exotic and Colourful Pics!

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As you know this is not my period at all… but from time to time I have to “clean The Vault” from pics that have impressed me in Facebook.

So here there are… hope you like the craftsmanship involved and the work on the flags and banners… I did



Must admit they are coulourful
Not very easy to “manipulate” but fantastic work!
Facebook said “Black Band” and it must be!

More Napoleonics!

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Just for the sake of the artistry… well painted miniatures and excellent pics!

Nice way to start a Sunday.

I can promise ANTIETAM in 6mm for tomorrow if all goes well… Union is deployed… but Confederates yet to do so… SOLO wargamers like me have a lot of work on their hands… even if sometimes the results are satisfying…


Enjoy today! (and wait for tomorrow!

A charge of the 3rd Hussars… with an excellent background! (artistic if I may say so)
French Infantry
And more…

British Napoleonics (read Waterloo) WHC (again).

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Big Navy, Small Army, Diplomacy and financial support… and many coalitions!

In the end it produced the ultimate Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars (why not the Old Monarchies Wars eludes me).

Thought I would give you some pics of a quite profesional Army that was nearly defeated at Waterloo… and rescued by the Prussians in the nick of time!… to do not mention the Allies (Dutch&Belgian, Brunswickers, Nassauers, Hannoverians, and KGL to just mention a few whom in general terms fought as hard as the Britons…).


Scot Greys
British Cavalry
British Infantry