ACW in 6mm.

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It is refreshing…

I stumbled upon them in Facebook… it is always very satisfactory to find other people with the same objectives and/or obsessions.

Guess yo can see what I have explained tiresomely lots of times… this is the wargaming scale for excellence… 3mm and 2mm been really too small to see anything… and easily replaced by counters… God forbid! (Same logic applied in the early seventies to the 25mm versus 15mm debate… LOL).

The same stands that represents usually a Brigade can represent a Regiment in smaller affairs… seriously… recommended!

C’mon, be positive and…


Probably difficult to see… but very practical for really BIG affairs…
Confederacy Brigades…
Union Brigades

Ancients at the WHC.

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Somehow fascinating… but I could never seem to enjoy to the full “close combat” with edged weapons. I do not mind to be shot at if I can shoot back… quite proficient at shooting I was in my time… but cold steel? NO thank you!

I still own the METAURO (GREAT BATTLES OF THE WORLD series) map and battle set (by now with 6mm Baccus minis instead of the 54mm plastic minis completely gone forever…). And play that semiboardgame grid with Hasdrubal and the Romans… but not quite often…

I was never interested in collecting them or building “collections” of them.

But they look magnificent and you must admit they had stamina and courage in spades in Ancient times.

Myself, I need a musket, or a Minie, or a Martini-Henry, even a Lee-Metford would do up to 1900… but Ancient times make me shiver! Guess to rip or be ripped is not at all my taste… even bayonets are not at all my thing… and that is talking wargaming!… lol

You need all sorts you know…

Enjoy! (If you like those rude times!)

Ancients have their appeal…
Magnificent but grim…
Phalanx against Legion…

Napoleonic period has its charm (until you grow up from it!).

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I can understand you and all the rest, it was my obsession for thirty years!… that Corsican Emperor and his Regiments… MINIFIGS 25mm all the way (seee elsewhere in this Blog if you are really interested… Waterloo would do if you want to see the little soldiers I painted one by one painstakingly for years… (LOL)… and then sold away tired of that scale (too little to be 54mm… too big to wargame with… you need all sorts you know…).

At least I can remember the happy times when my brother and I tried (some time vainly and quite historically… to win at Waterloo) and one time succeeded in storming that bloody ridge! (knowing all the time that the Russians and the Austrians would not quit anyway…)… those were the days…

Well, in a way, those were some of my days… deeply involved in 6mm as readers of this webpage know already… but it is SOLO wargaming for me nowadays…


Napoleonic Imperial Old Guard Grenadiers (I guess again from the WHC)
Napoleonic French Imperial Foot Artillery (ditto)… the pic is not from Waterloo at all…

Custer & Little Big Horn

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Since I saw Errol Flynn killed by Anthony Quinn in THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON it become a lifelong interest… I was puzzled as a child because it seemed to me the US Cavalry HAD to WIN no matter what… of course real life is not like that… I guess I have already mentioned that on other Posts in this Blog but nevertheless…

It has been a rewarding passion mainly reading&collecting books about it and trying to understand what happened that 25th of June… of course all films (but Little big man) related to and hundreds (literally) of miniatures for wargames purposes (in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm to do not mention my 75mm Playmobils).

After 70 years exposed to it I have come to the conclusion that Custer was put on a NO WIN – NO WIN situation… mainly by fate and circumstances but also for bad scouting, not believing his own scouts, and betrayed by his own experience fighting Plains Indians… the whole Reno Benteen paranoia is simply that a paranoia… the Native Americans where there in enough numbers (ask Crook), interior lines of communication, perfect ground for his tactics, and the will to fight for survival. The Indians Won. That’s that.

A magnificent American drama for the Centennial of the Nation.

Not much to enjoy about that of course… but a fascinating subject. There are a lot of trash books about it (and films too)… I can recommend the opus of Frederick Wagner III THE STRATEGY OF DEFEAT and the novel (fictional-history but it reads as History) A ROAD WE DO NOT KNOW.

Be impartial!

One of my childhood obsessions…

There you are… I did see it coming…

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Wonderful work!… useful for wargaming?… I guess not at all… but at the current prices of wargames figures in 28mm I understand the trend.

Happily for all of you I have never tried to be an “influencer” (chicks do that)… I do not care at all what is what you are doing with your hobby as long as you have fun with it!

Quite static piece if you ask me.

Enjoy for what it is!

Another example of Military Modeling in 28mm… as seen in facebook… the chap got a medal for this one or other similar published there… Congratulations! (suspect the work is from Francesco Thau)

Maiwand Last Eleven in 28mm!

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I forgot to comment the sense of the pics… there were several last stands of the Berkshires (66th) at Maiwand… and survivors who painfully retreated to Kandahar in awful conditions… THE LAST ELEVEN is the most notorius of all including Bobbie the dog. But all this is not the point I want to make… British Imperial History is full of adventure/gore/heroism/unknown heroes (the vast majority) and “go to your God like a soldier” in famous Kipling’s words (until the one who goes to God is your son uh?).

The point is that I predicted this vignette more than 15 years ago when I wrote a book about my passion (do not search for it it is out of print)… you see I noticed that the sculpting and painting of 25/28mm minis was such that it was bound to go Military Modeling… I was right! (wish I had been right in a more lucrative prediction!)… so one of the many reasons I abandoned the scale and went 6mm long ago. Nowadays you would be shocked to see some of the painting jobs and even “modeling” done in that smaller scale too… it seems there is no bottom to it.

Just to make things clear… I just love Mr. Aparicio work.


What can you achieve in 28mm nowadays… at least Mr. Aparicio… Congratulations!
My 54mm Toy Soldiers by REPLICA… I think I will stick to Toy Soldiers… Military Modeling is too precious and static for me… nice but just for display… I love them but I do not find practical use for them.
“PURE” 54mm Military Modeling piece… already shown on the Blog…
I even did it with Playmobils! for fun of course… sold them long time ago.

6 mm

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You will excuse the featureless terrain… but the Afghan plain is “plain”. The object of the pic is to show you one of the most important bonus of 6mm (God’s Own Scale they say) no secure flanks… room to manoeuvre… and a sense of space and shooting distances you do not have on the bigger scales (of course you can. paint more detail in 10,15,28mm you name it) but I love the sense of proportion (an urbanist by academic formation I like the smaller scales matter of fact). Just to make you think a bit about where wargaming is going nowadays… for better or for worse…

Maiwand in 6mm