Breeches done. The Second US Cavalry as portrayed in SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON. (III)

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As usual I keep been doing other things at the same time… mainly polishing details on 6MM minis, and priming 54MM mounted Officers.

HM Queen Elizabeth II is there so to help in the future insignia to be painted in King Charles III, the others are a British Guards Officer with binoculars and Churchill as an Officer of the 4th Hussars 1890’s…

And YES this small one is a 42MM… the only one in my collection!


The sky blue colour was a bit fluid…
Another view,

Author: Alejo Dorca

Born in 1952. Married in 1976. Two sons and a daughter. 4 grandsons to date, 3 boys and a girl. Arquitect in 1978. Retired in 2016 aprox. Lifelong Toy Soldiers aficionado.