Riesig’s Own.

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What about something different today? I was feeling adventurous somehow… I guess they are semiflat figures that have an appeal of their own (and always look better from the side pics)… excellent flag BTW. French troops if you ask me. And I forgot to say… Prince August (they sell moulds too!)… with some additions from Front Rank!… and, of course, 40mm scale!


It smacks of Barry Lyndon’s times (or even earlier)
Great painting job!… semiflats?

Gettysburg in 6mm.

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The scale that actually I use for wargaming (mainly the ACW with Baccus minis)… not my minis at all in the pic… seen in Facebook (they look like Adler).

They are cheap, easy to paint, have mass appeal and room to manoeuvre… you must not be “cheap” though… if you need bases for dismounted cavalry make them… Buford’s cavalry on the left seem a bit ludicrous mounted… but that is only me been pricky.


Gettysburg in 6mm

Wargames Holiday Centre.

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I do not allow publicity in this Blog… so this is my own opinion… they actually are having a break… but there are NOT better ways to be introduced to wargaming in 28mm in the grand manner… at a price of course… if I lived in Old Blighty I would already have done so (Not that I need any introduction to wargaming… just because the size of the tables and the opportunity to wargame with other people with an Umpire who has beeen there/done that/has the T-shirt.


Massed Russian Units (Napoleonic of course!)

Carlos Amador posted those 6mm in facebook… awesome if you ask me!

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For once (or as usual) I have no idea if they are in the market or not, where to buy them, if they are lead or resin, if sculpted or printed… whatever… I am sorry… surf Facebook as I do… maybe you will have a better info as a result.

But OMG! what a magnificent painting job!

I have said before in this Blog that 6mm is the FUTURE for Big Battles and Wargaming… I can be wrong of course (mainly if you only skirmish)… but have had this gut feeling since castings and printers improved sooooo much!

Here they are… to stay…


I guess they are 3D printed but not sure…
Spanish Troops
French I guess by the Flags (not my period I am afraid)
Magnificent 6mm!
Pikes always oversized I fear…
Artillery is a must see!

French Foreign Legion units adapted to AGW.

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I had a collection of 54mm Dorset Soldiers (lead) but the numbers of it were indifferent (modulated on 8’s + officers)… now after an additions bit (sharks frenzy feeding) I have 9 Companies of 12 men adapted to A GENTLEMAN’S WAR set of rules (I use modified if you please).

So yesterday I paraded the force to organize properly. Two of the Co’s are mule mounted (see pics), there are two machine guns, a Battery of Artillery, an Heliograph attached to HQ/Command and some Mounted Officers and ADC’s.

It was fun.


The whole force (minus Cavalry)

Somehow aerial view…
Back View.
Right Flank Infantry (the one top right has been “reorganized” and has dssmissed from the rolls… I was tring to hard to make “10” Co’s… better at “9” and have ADC’s and keep the Geste brothers out of it… LOL
Mule Mounted Companies
Another one…
Company 1
Company 2
Company 3
Company 4
Company 5
Company 6
Company 7

6mm today…

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I have my ACW armies in 6mm ready to fight!… but for the SOLO rules I am working on (intermittently I agree)… After much reflexion I have decided on recreating a “generic battle” NO real generals involved… meaning that I have found quite impossible to PLAY with Lee and Grant or the rest… a game of attrition… Union worried by Washington security… Confederates trying to have a Victory that enables Political recognition from Europe… quite true objectives but I will be in command and the sub-commanders will act as their real counterparts but without names and characters attached… I guess this is the best I can do in a SOLO game.

Enjoy the pic!… have always liked the uniforms of the Franco-Prussian War but find the Historic reality too much unbalanced (as the French High Command!).

Franco-Prussian War


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Just to show you the potential… to get those you have to learn to dissemble, add stickers, buy resin headgear and paint the last one… quite fast and simple once you know the tricks… but on the whole not cheap… as for collecting them it is fine… but wargames better be skirmish type.


Nice… if a bit expensive…

French Foreign Legion Officers (Playmobil 75mm)

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Maybe you are tired to see those figures?… well… get used to it!… as you know I deal with multiple scales and very different interests!…

The headgear is resin custom painted by me… but all the rest are standard pieces of Playmobil that you need to order from specialized sellers.

You maybe think they are obnoxius… but they are not… not need to paint a lot (I have to admit the fRench kepis on the left has been painted by me using permanent markers and finally gloss varnish… but that is all.

I do usually paint 54mm Toy Soldiers from scratch and it is a much more longer process… as always you need all sorts!


Just the headgear is “custom”