They are in the Post…

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November 2022… after a long reflection and no REPLICA in the works (yet)… I decided to contact Mr. Antony Spencer from Dorset Soldiers (Imperial Miniatures nowadays) about the possibility of completing some units as to have them organized in “dozens” – aka 12 minis each-).

No problem with “new” sets… you just order 12 minis units and the trick is done…

But it was different with the sets done by REPLICA a couple of years back… it was a task of finding the right hues of paint and the models themselves… mind, they are still in the Post… but have some pics to show you… so here they are!


4 Toy Soldiers to complete the Guides set.
4 Toy Soldiers to complete the Gurkhas set.
Alternative set of Ensigns (GUARDS).
An NCO and Dr. Watson (Conan-Doyle’s character) at Maiwand.
A few good men for the kneeling set.
Variations on a theme…
Maybe redundant but I will find a use for him… that ends my Kakhi Collection for good…


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It is always a big pleasure when a parcel containing Toy Soldiers arrives… if they are old looking casts a la Britains to paint myself even better!

Not that it did not include a box of Grenadiers painted (to serve as a guide for painting).

Months ahead of what I am doing they are scheduled for the next future, I have learned to stock ahead… because if not you get lapses of void time (between ordering and delivery sometimes MONTHS elapse!).


Carefully packed
Nice models…
Properly checked… and with a 42MM gift sample!

British Artillery. Mountain Guns by TRADITION OF LONDON and other various makers (RPWorld Models and others).

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I am not a fan of Artillery, give me an Infantry Soldier or a Cavalry one any time… I do not know why but it is so… As an Infantryman myself I suppose I do not like to be a target of incoming Artillery fire… whatever… I do not have an extensive collection of models about that theme.

But of course you need them if a completist.


Above two sets of Mountain Batteries. Below Guns and Machine Guns.

British Colonial Cavalry. Ducal 54MM.

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Red Coated Dragoons and Blue clad Lancers (17th)… Zulu War times more or less.

Once I finished collecting Household Troops I went Colonial for a while… there was always something of interest in the Ducal Catalogue… and if it was not there you politely asked if it could be done… as the fictional standard or colour of the lancers!


British Foot Guards in my Collection.Ducal 54MM

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When I was a child I was fascinated by those red coated Guards… got a box of Britains with Coldstream Guards… and then when I started collecting “seriously” they were my first addiction… I bought books about them and slowly it dawnwd on me that it was five different Regiments! LOL

Well… there they are (with some other minis just for fun)


Grenadiers above, Coldstream below.
Scots above and Irish below.
Welsh Guards

Ray Daunter’s “FIND”… and what a find!… heavily converted Britain’s.

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Sometimes one stumbles upon an interesting Post in Facebook, by the way it is explained they were bought in a bunk or as a full lot or collection.

This is what the author qualifies as a find (a rare find in my opinion) because even if Britain’s did do soldier “to be modified”… the level of attention here is awesome.

Looks as if the original owner wanted Russians of various periods and not finding them commercially had a go at onversions (a twin soul of mine somehow).

I was really impressed.


Mainly Russians
More of them
Some here look like Lucotte
Hours of work
General view!

New additions to my Collection from Dorset! 54MM (Imperial Miniatures nowadays).

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It could have been titled “The Art of Waiting”… but to be fair the deadline of the 30th of June has closely been respected (more or less). Ask for Antony Spencer if you need something… quite helpful and to the point if you know what I mean… a worthy successor of the retired Giles Brown.

What’s Important… really important is the magnificent painting job done on those Toy Soldiers… sometimes they do not like Toy Soldiers at all… as the Duke once said : “By God they frighten me!”

Will post again when received and added to the rest of the Collection.


The lot.

Turcos detail.
Tirailleurs Senegalais.

A bit of Pomp and Circumstance. The Household Cavalry (DUCAL 54MM)

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There are parts of my Collection that do not move at all… they were completed to my satisfaction and that’s that.

BUT… if I started anew they would be the first one’s I will build… see what I mean?

The British Household Cavalry Life Guards and Blues&Royals is that special part of my voyage ineludible because I was always in awe of the magnificent pageantry and display.

So here you have them in all their splendid uniforms.



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Alan Harrison’s beautiful (and magnificent) Collection!

Those cabinets are very similar to mine but they include vintage Toy Soldiers by Lucotte and other niceties I can not afford… also is much more bigger a collection than mine… Congratulations!


More exotic!
Quite mixed subjects
Lots of Cavalry
And more…
Say WOW! if you please…