Graham Hilditch’s 16th Lancers (42mm).

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It is not the first time I Post his work, always in 42MM… but it always looks superb.

He usually uses that scenery as a background… that works very well with Infantry… and those lancers (the 16th) have had to manage to lower lances to negotiate I guess. No kidding.

Wonderful display.


A very low arch if you ask me…
Better pic
Very fine painting job
It was time he produced Cavalry!

BACCUS BIG BASES (6MM) Small scale but think BIG!

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You only have to go to the BACCUS Forum… search for Baccus 6MM in Google and you will be easily directed to it.

We have an interesting debate about the use of Big Bases for wargaming (I am against it in MY games because I love flexibility and it took me ages to adopt the system one stand equals a Brigade… even if I am pretty satisfied now).

No doubt they are little works of art. Military Modeling I dare say!… but for wargames purposes I have my doubts.

Mind, always on the back of my mind there is the idea of building a unit in 1/1 ratio in 6MM… but NOT in a single base… I did it once with Captain Dajou’s third Co at Camerone in 25/28MM (Hacienda de CamarĂ³n) 1863… but they were in single bases or maximum two minis per base if I recall alright… there are pics somewhere in this webpage… search for it if interested… but I digress.

Peter Berry has it’s own legion of customers (me included) and the Forum on his web is probably one of the most satisfactory experiences for 6MM aficionados… full of ideas and suggestions of proxies for rare periods…

I thought maybe a post about it would interest the lot (or some) of you.

As you have seen in my ANTIETAM/SHARPSBURG series my biggest base is a 60×30 mm … so not going to change that for nothing!


I have always loved Peter’s output!
Even clearer!
A Cavalry “Unit”
Infantry Unit (Complete)
When in “scenic surroundings”…
Another shot!

John Firth’s Display

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How to display a collection is a matter of personal taste.

Found this one simple and efective… overall nice solution (even if those cavalrymen on the top will gather dust with time (had the same problem with my 54mm military modeling pieces… but it is easy to dust them off!).


This is how all started… (pics excepting the first one… by Christopher Joseph) as seen in facebook!

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Maybe for me (not a single pic is of my Toy Soldiers at all… not even the Castle… but close enough).

Wood building blocks… in my cas they were cork… Britain’s in red tunics!… there you got it! (BUT lots of other not so nice soldiers buuut… deligthful in their way too… they were not even lead).

To have Britain’s in the Nineteen Fifties in Barcelona (Spain) was a rare luxury… and I had them thanks to a trip to London of my Pa&Ma (How they translate THAT BIG BOX in THAT TIME eludes me… maybe a Hamley’s purchase?… on a plane (Do you remembre the commercial planes of the fifties?)…

Whatever… have not stopped collecting the stuff since then.


BTW Nice framed posters on the walls…

No idea where I did find this pic SORRY!
Christopher Joseph Collection as the rest…

Graham Marshall’s Local Library Toy Soldiers Display.

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Lovely display!… For once the collector has more soldiers than me! (Only kidding… never thought on having such vast numbers of Household Cavalry!) by contrast my RHA teams are more complete (life has those turns…)… to do not mention the Foot Guards… even if I suspect NOT his whole collection in the pics.

Never thought for a second to let mine be displayed outside of my Home&Castle… if you know what I mean…

A great Idea.


Quite funny title!
Open carriage
Artillery Teams
Life Guards!
Closed Carriage
Blues and Royals
Massed Bands

REPLICA comes back with an orgy of redcoats!

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The long awaited return of REPLICA is here!… and this set from the owner is very similar (enhanced by a lot more of figures for the pic) to a commission from the National Army Museum (UK).

What else can I say?


A very similar composition is now at the National Army Museum… courtesy of REPLICA!
Another view of the decorations to Royal Fusiliers!
They look very similar but the details are important!
My own work would never be in a Museum… but I love that some figures in my collection are from Andrew Stevens from REPLICA!