They are in the Post…

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November 2022… after a long reflection and no REPLICA in the works (yet)… I decided to contact Mr. Antony Spencer from Dorset Soldiers (Imperial Miniatures nowadays) about the possibility of completing some units as to have them organized in “dozens” – aka 12 minis each-).

No problem with “new” sets… you just order 12 minis units and the trick is done…

But it was different with the sets done by REPLICA a couple of years back… it was a task of finding the right hues of paint and the models themselves… mind, they are still in the Post… but have some pics to show you… so here they are!


4 Toy Soldiers to complete the Guides set.
4 Toy Soldiers to complete the Gurkhas set.
Alternative set of Ensigns (GUARDS).
An NCO and Dr. Watson (Conan-Doyle’s character) at Maiwand.
A few good men for the kneeling set.
Variations on a theme…
Maybe redundant but I will find a use for him… that ends my Kakhi Collection for good…

Trying my hand at 6MM proxies (IV) Baccus slightly modified.

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Next one will be when properly based (Pendraken) and mounted officers added.

Slow Postal system I am afraid.


The Brigade is finished (it lacks a coulple of standard bearers in the Post) on first plan the mounted officers.
Those are 6mm remember…
One side
The other
When chain painting is the norm…

British Colonial Cavalry. Ducal 54MM.

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Red Coated Dragoons and Blue clad Lancers (17th)… Zulu War times more or less.

Once I finished collecting Household Troops I went Colonial for a while… there was always something of interest in the Ducal Catalogue… and if it was not there you politely asked if it could be done… as the fictional standard or colour of the lancers!


Ray Daunter’s “FIND”… and what a find!… heavily converted Britain’s.

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Sometimes one stumbles upon an interesting Post in Facebook, by the way it is explained they were bought in a bunk or as a full lot or collection.

This is what the author qualifies as a find (a rare find in my opinion) because even if Britain’s did do soldier “to be modified”… the level of attention here is awesome.

Looks as if the original owner wanted Russians of various periods and not finding them commercially had a go at onversions (a twin soul of mine somehow).

I was really impressed.


Mainly Russians
More of them
Some here look like Lucotte
Hours of work
General view!

Trying my hand at 6MM proxies (III) Baccus slightly modified.

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I am using a guide of painting from the Baccus Forum by “PushingTin”… easy to find… go to Baccus webpage… click on Forum… click on Painting and there it is.

Of course one adapts the tips to the uniforms you are painting… but the order of applying color is important.

Those are shots of the middle stages… they will pop up when white detail is applied of course… but getting there. See last pics…


Chain work!
White has been applied
The other side

Greg’s parcel (Part II)

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Today the minis all are from BACCUS 6MM… ACW detail… and a Crimean War perspective.

Wargamers in this scale must understand the importance of flags: “They make the Unit”.

I embellished a bit the Rebels…

And an apology is due to Greg (done) because the colour and shade of the horses is as I asked for… the day I opened the parcel my eyes were not true to form (and in a hurry!) and I thought they were all the same shade of colour!

Once this said I still prefer the ACW in 6MM to any other period because the size and the real uniforms go well together… Crimean and Napoleonic Units have an excess of detail very hard to “impressionistically” (pointilisme) translate to 6MM (but I can be wrong you know!… have seen marvelous painting (including faces!) of them in 6MM… it is me who do not seem able to achieve the right compromise!… but I stubbornly go on…

More in future Posts.


Those two Brigades were at Harper’s Ferry and did not arrive at the field of battle in Antietam/Sharpsburg (in fact they were in the DHL parcel)
The Crimean War British Heavy Brigade Baccus Proxies 6MM

“MY” Royal West Kent Regiment.

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It sounds silly maybe, but I first bought a box of them in the old Tradition of London shop (no longer there I fear). And it expanded… and grow… and I even painted some casts myself… and asked for specials to Jack Duke (DUCAL) who obliged… and then he did the Colours… and the Band… and I did the Pioneers… and it took years to complete as it is now… and had lots of FUN doing it!

So here you have it (I did a Post showing a close up of the Band no long ago), A General’s Inspection of The Royal West Kent in 54mm (Three shelves in the small cabinet in Pal).


The full set (minus some “action” minis).

Arrival of a GREG’s Parcel! (6MM). (Part I)

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It’s a real fest!… they do not come every day of the week you know… it had been a long wait due to initial hesitation on my part… no clear objectives… lack of suitable proxies (in my head)… and what not!… as it was the parcel had in it The Crimean Heavy Brigade of Cavalry using proxies (1854); a couple of ACW Brigades; and some Colonial Troops (Egyptians and Sudanese for Omdurman) and Gurkhas for the North Wesr Frontier… (the later from Heroic&Ros)… the bulk of it from Baccus.

I started buying painted 6MM Baccus from Greg (Robert Jackson) many years ago… to my everlasting satisfaction!… he is constantly very good on the periods I fancy and even if crossing emails with him is sometimes an exercise of laconism (mainly his) communications are also very good and he understands my needs (sometimes overcomplicated)

You must be a collector/wargamer/old-hand to understand fully the mixed emotions!

So I will give you a bunch of first pics now and a second when flags added to the ACW Rebels (lol) and a touch here and there from my hands and pleasure!

Try to enjoy as much as I do!

DHL if you please!
The whole lot!
Crimean Scarlett’s Heavy Brigade
Close up of one of the Heavy Regiments
General Scarlett and the Scot Greys

Graham Hilditch’s 42mm Conversions (as seen in Facebook)

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Quite a fascinating subject… how to build a staff around a single basic model, and that in 42mm (Britain’s smaller scale)

I have always admired Mr. Hilditch work… you can see other examples of his output in this webpage.

I think he would be glad to know that REPLICA (read Andrew Stevens) has a range of 42mm available again!… quite Britain’s style if you ask me!… so those who love that scale are in for a good time…


They are all conversions from a single original mini.
The other side

Trying my hand at 6MM proxies (II) Baccus slightly modified.

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To continue with it… we left the minis glued to balsa strips (first Regiment), of course there were three Regiments of the Brigade of Guards in the Crimea: The Grenadiers (white plume), The Coldstreamers (red plume) and The Scots Fusiliers (soon to become The Scots Guards officially in 1877 I think…. the last were considered Queen Victoria’s pets.

Well, just red applied, will post new pics as others colors are applied in batches… one at the time of course!


One Regiment with undercoat (priming)
Next one is prepared and ready to be undercoated
Red is applied
A bit of close up
The three preliminary steps: Close to yo a Regiment glued on balsa strips; in the middle a Regiment with undercoat ; and on the far side with red applied (first true color)