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Probably one of my longest affair with 54MM Toy Soldiers. I wanted to do Nathan Brittles patrol (SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON – John Ford film)… I know I have done it in 6MM… but those are different efforts.

Finally got some weeks ago the casts from REPLICA (Andrew Stevenson)… then I waited for some pistol holsters from DORSET, meanwhile I was cleaning the casts of bits here and there… and gluing the two part kits of horses together… yes… superglue again.

The more difficult model was the troop standard bearer (guidon), Andrew supplied a lancers arm (quite nice on its own I have them on the 9th British Lancers at Kandahar) but it was not what I had in mind… luckily I never throw away discarded parts… so I had a very promissing lance from DUCAL Life Guards I converted to sword carriyng troopers… a bit of paint…

And then an arm (it is a left arm glued as a right arm and would need a bit of putty to disguise the fact)… I was able today of drilling a hole in the hand to receive the guidon… and then I glued all the parts to the body and the horse (it still lacks pistol holster and head).

Was not easy… and I am quite satisfied with my work… so until I finish assembling and painting them… quite a long process because I can do this just an hour a day (and not every day) you will have to wait for more Posts and pics…


Assembled but a lot of work pending.
Long ago I did a very good inversion on that! A good mini drill…

Lieutenants Chard & Bromhead by DORSET SOLDIERS (54MM) . (Or maybe Stanley Baker & Michael Caine)

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I added those casts as an afterthought to my order and have been painting them on and off while doing other things.

They look more Military Modeling than I thought… my intention was to use them as Toy Soldiers… but I do not know… the casts are truly excellent… practically they painted themselves!… such detail for a 54MM… what you find at default is probably my painting job…

Now… to gloss varnish or not… that is the question! (Finally did varnish them)


Royal Scots in 42MM (Graham Hilditch’s Own)

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I do not collect in 42MM… for the difference I go always to 54MM… silly me you must think after seeing what Graham does to perfection!. To be fair I have one mounted British Dragoon courtesy of Andrew Stevenson… which I wll paint one of this days… just to show you my poor effort compared with Graham’s!

I am a fan of his work and will publish matter of fact anything he posts in facebook.

Hope you like them.


Side shot
Best Colours and Mounted Officer pic
Another view
More “areial”
Last but not least

Dorset Soldiers Parcel Arrival…

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To make a long story short… they are finally here!… you need to have some considerations when placing an order in painted 54MM Toy Soldiers.

In my experience the waiting list is always long. Not always mind, but other factors get in the way… Toy Soldiers Shows… the circumstances of real life delays and not scheduled normal activities… whatever…

In this particular case relations been top notch and cordial I asked politely in November 2022 about the possibility of having a shiny Toy Soldiers Box a month starting February 2023 (note my prudence!)… and so I placed my orders to get five boxes painted and some casts (unpainted) here and there.

Casts of the French Foreign Legion missing items to complete units arrived quite fast (and thanks for that) and also more exotic things as ADC’s and Policemen on Bikes… I dutifully painted those when waiting for February to start things arriving… well, they did not, my carefully arranged shedule of a box a month never worked out and I got the whole lot in a single parcel just at the limit of the time span (meaning February-March-April-May-June)… by the end of June and a couple of days of July I did not mind at all… everything was ready… pics sent to me of the painted units… and parcel dispatched via DHL (Fast&true).

So in the end all worked out alright for me… excepting the “intervals”.

The quality of the Toy Soldiers is TipTop, true to my specifications (some quite complicated because they were necessary to fill gaps on an existing collection). And all is well what it ends well.

I just thought to make this post to clarify the process and to let you know the true value of patience!

If ordering from DORSET SOLDIERS / IMPERIAL MINIATURES say hello to Antony Spencer!… a genial chap and really helpful!

Same thing can be said about REPLICA (Andrew Stevenson) and other manufacturers as Tradition of London or RPWorldModels.

Just have lots of patience and then ENJOY!

Tirailleurs Senegalais
British Colonials & Allies
Staff car and a gift!
“My” XIX Corps d’Afrique… now complete!
“My” British Colonials now complete (+ Allies)


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It is always a big pleasure when a parcel containing Toy Soldiers arrives… if they are old looking casts a la Britains to paint myself even better!

Not that it did not include a box of Grenadiers painted (to serve as a guide for painting).

Months ahead of what I am doing they are scheduled for the next future, I have learned to stock ahead… because if not you get lapses of void time (between ordering and delivery sometimes MONTHS elapse!).


Carefully packed
Nice models…
Properly checked… and with a 42MM gift sample!

“MY” Royal West Kent Regiment.

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It sounds silly maybe, but I first bought a box of them in the old Tradition of London shop (no longer there I fear). And it expanded… and grow… and I even painted some casts myself… and asked for specials to Jack Duke (DUCAL) who obliged… and then he did the Colours… and the Band… and I did the Pioneers… and it took years to complete as it is now… and had lots of FUN doing it!

So here you have it (I did a Post showing a close up of the Band no long ago), A General’s Inspection of The Royal West Kent in 54mm (Three shelves in the small cabinet in Pal).


The full set (minus some “action” minis).

Graham Hilditch’s 42mm Conversions (as seen in Facebook)

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Quite a fascinating subject… how to build a staff around a single basic model, and that in 42mm (Britain’s smaller scale)

I have always admired Mr. Hilditch work… you can see other examples of his output in this webpage.

I think he would be glad to know that REPLICA (read Andrew Stevens) has a range of 42mm available again!… quite Britain’s style if you ask me!… so those who love that scale are in for a good time…


They are all conversions from a single original mini.
The other side


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Step by step guide.

Something I have tried myself quite recently… modifying ready made casts… it is fun and gratifying. I will not go as far as saying mine are “pieces uniques” but quite original sometimes!

For once this is really FUN!


Beginnig with a basic cast
Detailed comments by author!
Close Up
Left arm modification
Final result with different heads, paintjob and self printed flags!